Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham


District 13 OSSTF represents approximately 1600 permanent and 300 occasional teachers in Durham region.  Our union provides services to its members to protect them in their work and to enhance their professionalism through professional development workshops, health and safety training, collective agreement in-servicing and regular communications and public relations highlighting the teachers in our schools. 

President's Memo

Please click the link below to view the most recent President's memo: 

May 12 2016 Presidents memo

New Abilities Form

There is a new Province-wide medical certificate (Abilities Form) that all members will use in order to access sick days for an absence of three days or longer.  The Abilities Form will replace all DDSB medical certificates for Secondary Teachers.  This standard form is readily available on our website so there will be less confusion regarding the provision of medical documentation to the Board.  The Abilities Form is available at any time on our website by clicking here or directly at www.d13.osstf.ca/abilitiesform.


OSSTF/DDSB PD Day: Together we Learn

The joint PD Day will be held on November 18th, 2016. This is a subject-based PD Day put on by our teachers, for our teachers. Please follow the link for more information on the day and if you are interested in presenting a workshop or hosting a guest speaker.

LTO List

The LTO list is open for hiring until June 30th. Please click here to view the posting.

OSSTF District 13 District Annual Meeting

The 2016 District Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at Lviv Hall in Oshawa.

The following people were either acclaimed or elected to positions on the District 13 Executive.

  • District 13 President - Dave Barrowclough
  • District 13 1st Vice President - Erin Crawford
  • District 13 2nd Vice President - Mike Kramer
  • District 13 3rd Vice President - Ryan Kelly
  • District 13 4th Vice President - Rob Walker
  • District 13 Treasurer - Nicole Bléau
  • District 13 Secretary - Tory Bedard
  • Additional TBU Provincial Councillor - Lamia Sabbagh
  • Delegates to the 2017 Annual Assembly of OSSTF:

Tory Bedard, Nicole Bléau, George Chaktsiris, Erin Crawford, Karen Gilmour, Jacqueline Hill, Ruth Kam, Ryan Kelly, Mike Kramer, Richard McCormack, Stephanie McMahon, Lamia Sabbagh, Craig Wildman

    Voluntary Early Retirement Gratuity Reduced Payout

      The DDSB has informed District 13 OSSTF that they will release the application process in May.  Applications will be due June 30th, 2016 and must be paid out by August 31st, 2016.  Click here for additional information provided by Educators Financial.

    I Teach, I Care Campaign

    Are you a member of District 13? Do you volunteer in the community? Would you like a free hat? Follow the link for more information about the
    I Teach, I Care Campaign.

     Inprint 13

    Download and read the latest issue of Inprint 13

    Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form

    This is a Ministry of Education document that is your duty to complete when you witness behaviour that could lead to suspension and/or expulsion.

    Click here for a form.

    Assigned Supervision Duties Forms

    Please use the Full-Time Assigned Duties Survey and Half-Time Assigned Duties Survey sheets to calculate your assigned supervision minutes remaining in the school year.

    Reasons for Failure/Recommended Course Placement Form

    If a student was unsuccessful in your course the Recommended Course Placement Form is to be completed.  No additional information other than that indicated is required.

    Professional Judgement

    As teachers, we are so often called on to exercise our Professional Judgement in a variety of situations on a daily basis. At times, this can be challenging.

    Understanding Professional Judgement is a new information tool developed for members by OSSTF/FEESO and is now available on the Provincial website. This resource has been created to clarify teachers’ understanding about what is and is not “Professional Judgement”.

    This document should be used as a companion to the OSSTF/FEESO resource An Educator’s Guide to Growing Success (originally titled Growing Success Condensed) which is a quick reference guide to the Ministry of Education’s assessment and evaluation policy, Growing Success.

    Follow the link below for an electronic copy of both documents:

    Should further clarification be required please contact the District Office.

    Teaching - A Profession With Maximum Impact


    The winners of the 2014-2015 contest: Teachers Make a Difference were Cheryl Griffiths and Robert Rock from Donald A Wilson. Congratulations! Check out their commercial below on the left. It is also running on CHEX TV Channel 12.


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