Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Public Relations


To educate the public about the contributions of teachers to their students and the community.

To boost the morale of the membership, through positive advertising and special events.

To keep the public aware of issues that directly affect public education.


Usually once a month on the first Thursday of the month, 4:30 p.m. at the District 13 office.

For 2015-2016, the committee has decided to change the meeting time to 3:30 p.m.

Meetings for 2017-2018: Oct. 5, Nov. 2, Dec. 7, Jan. 11, Feb. 1, Apr. 5, May 9 and June 6.

Duties of the School Representatives

To attend a meeting once per month.

To report information to branch members.

To gather ideas and suggestions from branch members to address at monthly committee meetings.


Durham Event & Organization Sponsorship

OSSTF District 13 is committed to our community. The Public Relations Committee’s mandate is to publicly raise the profile of Durham’s public high school teachers in addition to organizing events that build positive relationships among the District 13 membership. District 13 has set aside some limited funds that can be accessed for sponsoring worthwhile events and organizations in Durham. If you are interested in accessing these funds, please download a form here, read the criteria listed and forward it to the District 13 Office by the deadlines provided. 


I Teach, I Care Campaign

The I Teach, I Care Campaign is a District 13, OSSTF Public Relations Committee initiative which seeks to recognize our members who volunteer their time in the community. This aligns with the PRC mandate which is to publicly raise the profile of Durham’s public high school teachers in addition to organizing events that build positive relationships among the District 13 membership.

The first phase in this campaign is the designing and distributing of free hats with the D13 logo on the front and the “I teach, I care” motto on the back to any teacher who volunteers their time in the community. The only thing we ask in exchange for the hat is your name and the nature of the volunteer work you are doing…and, of course, to hopefully wear the hat! We will feature our members and the good deeds you do to celebrate how much teachers do above and beyond their job.

If you would like a hat, please see your Branch President for a form or click on the link: I Teach I Care

Thanks to our first applicants for the time they commit to supporting events and organizations in our community:

Karen Gilmour – Sinclair SS – Freedom drivers, animal rescue transport

Alecia Fennell – JCR – Walkathon

Doreen Sachett – Eastdale – Steps for Life Walkathon

Nicholas Gilbert – MCVI – Leader of Science Rendezvous

Carolyn Gray – DASS – Feed the Need, Community clean up and fundraiser

D13 Annual Golf Tournament

Our annual golf tournament is being held (rain or shine) at Lyndebrook Golf Course on Friday, June 10th. This is a fun tournament open to all District 13 members and their families. Come out for an afternoon of fun, golf, prizes and dinner. Thank you to our sponsors Educators Financial and OTIP for their generous donations of prizes! Proceeds from the tournament go to Teachers Caring for Teachers. Click the links below for more information about the tournament.

                  Poster                        Registration form

Durham Public High School Teachers Make A Difference

View how public high school teachers made a difference in the lives of prominent Durham Region citizens here.

Committee Members



Rose-Erin Smith Ajax HS
Tara Moore Ajax HS
Jim Scarth Anderson CVI
Danielle Hunter
Branch 18
Don Benton Brock
Shane Stagg
Brigitte Van De Laar
Con Ed
Garrett Metcalfe DASS
Jennifer Young Dunbarton

Doreen Sacchett


Ruth Kam Grove School
Art Hanke Henry Street HS
George Chaktsiris Maxwell Heights SS
Ryan Gordon MCVI
Stephanie McMahon OCVI
Matthew Thomas

Nancy Malcolmson

Pine Ridge

Alden Fong Port Perry HS
Marcia McCrae JCR

Dean Peel


Julie Gladman Sinclair SS
Rob Walker Uxbridge
Laura Nicholson Donald A. Wilson SS

Lamia Sabbagh/Exec Liaison

District Office

Ruth Leone

District Office

Cristal Diemer-Ewles High Street Resources