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  1. Surplus and Hiring Timelines for 2018/2019 – Click here to view the timelines for this year’s joint staffing process between District 13 and the DDSB.  Once again, we are anticipating that there will be members of the bargaining unit declared surplus to their schools as we continue to see a shift of student population around the board.  We are also continuing to be affected by a slight decline in overall enrollment but this is very slight and we seem to be plateauing.  With no school closures and no announced major shifts in programs, there aren’t any other major factors at the time of writing.  The declaration of surplus is determined by regional seniority (length of time in the bargaining unit).  All surplus teachers will have a job in the Board, they are just surplus to a particular school. After all of those permanent, surplus teachers have been hired or placed and internal composite posting #3.1 has occurred, jobs will be posted internal/external so that applicants from outside the bargaining unit may apply including Occasional Teachers (following the provisions of Reg. 274).  The following Collective Agreement provisions with respect to the staffing and job application process will be in effect:


    1. If there are remaining permanent positions after all surplus teachers have been placed (May 24th) an Internal Composite posting #3.1 (June 1st) will be made available to all permanent teachers, but, in particular, this posting will be the first opportunity for Con-Ed and Part-time permanent teachers to apply as internal candidates. Con-Ed and Part-time permanent teachers who wish to be considered as full-time internal candidates for the #3.1 round must declare their interest in writing to Ryan Kelly, Chief Negotiator at ryan.kelly@d13.osstf.ca and Mark Fisher, the Superintendent of Education/Operations at mark.fisher@ddsb.ca prior to the first internal round of composite postings (March 28th).  


    2. If positions can go external, the following contract language applies to all permanent positions, “for any internal/external posting where applicants’ Certificates of Qualification match a job posting, all such internal applicants will be interviewed before external applicants are interviewed.  If a short list is created from among those internal applicants, then an internal applicant will be hired.” 


      Members should also be aware that all hiring, including the Headship round in February, and all composite rounds will continue to be done through ApplytoEducation.com.  This means that ANYONE wishing to apply for a position in another school will be required to set up a profile on ApplytoEducation.com.  Instructions on how to do this can be downloaded from the bottom of the “Hiring” page under Employee Relations on the DDSB’s portal.  If you have any questions about the posting process or about seniority, please call the District 13 Office.


  2. Supervision – Preliminary timetables for all supervision assignments shall be distributed to teachers within the first two weeks of each new semester. Semester supervision schedules will be issued in full. Make sure to keep track of your on calls and supervision minutes. A fillable PDF to help you calculate your minutes is available on our website at www.d13.osstf.ca under Useful Information – Assigned Supervision Duties.


  3. Safe Schools Forms – a reminder to all teachers that we are legally obligated to fill out a safe schools reporting form whenever we witness an act that could be deemed as a “suspendable” offence. These forms should be readily available to all teachers in the schools and can also be downloaded from the front page of our web site. A receipt from administration indicating they have dealt with the issue should be returned to the teacher within a reasonable amount of time. We have agreed with the superintendents that this is 2 weeks. If it is any longer, please call the District Office for follow up.


  4. Oversized Music Classes Pre-approval Forms – There has been a change in practice for over-sized music classes which are the only classes allowed to pierce class size maxima if requested by the teacher. These forms were normally available to music teachers during class size survey time but it was generally felt that this was too late to decline the oversized class. As a result, the Board has agreed to change the practice and will ask for pre-approval before assigning an oversized music class to a teacher. The teacher should feel free to make the request for an oversized class if they feel it is necessary to their program.


  5. Bill 148 Updates – There has been a lot of press lately about Bill 148 and the changes to the Employment Standards Act (ESA) in Ontario.  Some of these changes mirror the recent changes to the Federal Employment Insurance Act and align the ESA with the available Employment Insurance (EI) benefits for employees.  Nicole Bléau – our Benefits Officer – has prepared several email blasts about how these changes impact OSSTF members in District 13, two of which have already been sent out. If you are not registered with us or are not receiving the emails, please contact us to be added to the mailing list.
  6. Federation Family Education Fund – The Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation established this fund to assist apprenticeship programs.  Ten $1,500 bursaries are available this year.  Please see the Provincial website for the required criteria for eligibility. Only online applications will be accepted.  The online form can be found on the Provincial OSSTF website in the “Awards, Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries” section under the Services tab on the front page.  ***Applications must be received at OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Office no later than April 15, 2018***


  7. Annual Family Day Skate and Food Drive – Once again, we are holding our Family Day skate at McKinney Arena located at 222 McKinney Dr. in Whitby.  The free skate will be held on Monday, February 19th from 1 – 3 pm.  We ask that members bring non-perishable food items for donation to local food banks.  There is no cost to families of District 13 OSSTF members.  Please contact your Branch President for tickets.


  8. District 13 Email – Are you receiving information from District 13 to your personal account?  If not, email shane.stagg@d13.osstf.ca from a non-board email address.  Indicate your school or that you are an occasional teacher and we will add you to the District 13 email list. 


  9. Inprint 13 – During the week of February 22nd a new edition of Inprint 13 will be published.  Limited hard copies will be delivered to schools or you can download a PDF copy from the Publications page on the District 13 OSSTF website (www.d13.osstf.ca). We will also mail out a link to Inprint if you are on our mailing list.

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