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Instructions for Use of the New Abilities Form

There is a new Province-wide medical certificate (Abilities Form) that all members will use in order to access sick days for an absence of three days or longer. The Abilities Form will replace all DDSB medical certificates for Secondary Teachers. This standard form is readily available on our website so there will be less confusion regarding the provision of medical documentation to the Board. The Abilities Form is available at any time on our website at www.d13.osstf.ca/abilitiesform (PDF). It is also attached below.

It is very important to read Section 1 closely as it will determine how the rest of the form is to be completed. When you are assessed by your doctor, he/she will determine your suitability to work in one of three ways:

a) Able to work with no restrictions;

b) Able to work with specific restrictions; or

c) Unable to work at all.

There are three check boxes in Section 1 where your doctor will indicate his/her assessment. The selection here will determine which other sections of the form need to be completed. Ensure that the doctor completes only those sections which are required to be completed.

Once completed by your doctor, you must submit your Abilities Form to the Disability Management Department at the DDSB. All of your medical documentation is housed and adjudicated by Disability Management, a confidential department tasked with administering the sick leave plan. All medical notes and information should be sent directly to Disability Management and not to your Principal or secretary. Keep a copy of all notes for yourself. All your school will be told is which days to call in a supply teacher. If you are off for a prolonged period, simply call your school's attendance line and indicate that you will not be at work and that you are submitting medical to Disability Management.

Here is the contact information to submit your Abilities Form to the Disability Management Department:

  • confidential fax line: (905) 666-6953
  • email: ShortTerm.Absence@ddsb.ca (There are a handful of employees in that department and the initial contact will transfer your case file to one of them.)
  • department phone: (905) 666-6342
  • DDSB courier c/o Disability Management, DDSB Education Centre 

If you need any assistance through this process, please contact the OSSTF District 13 Benefits Officer Nicole Bléau at (905) 668-7100 or nicole.bleau@d13.osstf.ca.   Also, if you are submitting an Abilities Form for an absence of 15 days or longer, be sure to notify Nicole Bléau.

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